Project Page for SimNazi

SimNazi is an isometric city simulation (like SimCity) developed in C++, using SDL, and lua. It is available for any platform SDL supports. The object of SimNazi is to keep your citizens under your thumb, and manage to generate enough resources and soldiers to withstand the hardships of WWII. I have been planning this game for years but the resources were not here at the time. I think that a game of this variety would be welcomed by all the War/RTS gamers. SimNazi IS NOT RACIST OR TO BE INTENDED AS SUCH! The game play is centered around "what if hitler had developed Nuclear Weapons first?", or "What if the Nazi army had beed supplied better and the allies were unable to discontinue their supply chain?". It is the Goal of SimNazi to be as historicaly accurate as possable. The gameplay will follow a time line of 1918 (end of WWI) till 1949 (end of WWII). Although its not a RTS and rather a simulation the battles will be played out as disasters.

Current Features:
*isometric map rendering 2D.
*all input output
*supports 320X200, 640X480, 800X600, 1024X768 resolutions.
*multi layered maps
*100% object oriented design
*Lua Scripting engine built in (to control all game logic, data)
*Buildings, Factories (ammo, tank, plane), Powerplants (3), transportation system (roads/rail), Air Strips, Combat Training camps